At Dan's we carefully procure quality materials that meet our high-quality standards and optimize the lifetime of driveways constructed by Dan's Paving.



To build a quality driveway, proper time and attention to detail are required throughout the four-step process:


STEP 1: Old blacktop, stone or topsoil is removed and replaced with a layer of crushed stone, known as sub-base.


STEP 2: The sub-base is then compacted with a vibratory roller.  After the compaction process, a sub-base of 6 to 8 inches deep is left. This material is applied directly on the sub-soil surface.


STEP 3: A layer of binder blacktop is added between the sub-base and the wearing course (this is recommended for highly traveled driveways and parking lots). The binder is then compacted to a thickness of about two inches.


STEP 4: Finally, the wearing coarse is applied and compacted. The thickness of the asphalt can vary from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/2 inches depending on the binder course application.


Depending on weather conditions your driveway will be cured and ready for use within 1 to 3 days from completion.


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Driveway Paving Leominster Massachusetts
Driveway Paving Leominster Massachusetts

"Couldn't be happier with our new driveway. We made last minute changes and they got it done without a problem. Our driveway was widened and they reduced the grade. We got immediate responses to our calls/questions. We've had numerous compliments. Our driveway looks amazing. Yes I would recommend Dan's."


 - Annmarie G.

Dans Paving and Excavating Fitchburg Massachusetts

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Dans Paving and Excavating Fitchburg Massachusetts
Dans Paving and Excavating Fitchburg Massachusetts

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